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 About Us!
About Us!...

Welcome to The Enigma Zone Crew (TEZC) community clan website. This site has been designed to bring the clan closer to the public eye and hopefully create a community around us.


Europe TEZC was born way back in August 2002, a brain child from a guy called United Kingdom Jacob Rage Thornton, at the time he was playing a UT2004 mod called Deathball.

After playing for a while on public servers he decided to get a few guys together to make a small team to take on other teams playing Deathball for a bit of fun. - Before long he had got together a very good, solid, almost unbeatable team!

Europe TEZC went on to become very successful within Deathball winning a couple of official competitions as well as setting a record of unbeaten matches in the ClanBase ladder.

Sadly after a while the mod Deathball starting getting silly, lack of activity and stupid kids/updates messing the game up so rather then killing of the clan we decided to branch into UT2004 normal modes like iCTF etc.

Over the years we have been involved in many games and modes, not always having much success in them, but having fun nether the less.

A short while ago United Kingdom Jacob Rage Thornton sadly had serious illness and ended up spending a lot of time in hospital. During this time United Kingdom Daniel Axl Garnett took control of the clan fully creating into what it is today!

Present Day...

Europe TEZC is still going strong. Been around a good few years with well over 2300 matches played! - We are always adding to the clan, squads/members/ideas so please if your interested in support us post on our forums!

General Queries...

The main ways to contact us are via IRC or E-Mail:

#tezc -
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Europe TEZC are always looking for new members and squads to join our family. If you are interested in joining us then either catch us in IRC on the above channel or e-mail us. Before requesting a trial please check our clan requirements:

Age is 16+ However exceptions can and have been made to younger players.
You must be active. No point in joining us if you can only play 1/2 nights a week.
You must know and use IRC - Our main place of contact for both clan members and opponents.
You have a working microphone and have Mumble installed and working.
The game you are playing is a legal version! No illegal downloaded copies!

Anyone wishing to join will be put on a small trial, just to check dedication.

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